Laclede County Health

                                                            "Protecting Our Community"

405 Harwood Ave.

Lebanon, Missouri

Based on 15 minutes of physical activity.

The Laclede County Health Department is continually assessing our programs and services, as well as searching for healthy resources and activities for our county residents.  Along with several other organizations, agencies, and individuals; the “Laclede County – Living Healthier” Coalition was started in early 2016.  The goal of this group is simply stated in the name… “Laclede County – Living Healthier”.  Community members currently participating in the coalition include:  Anytime Fitness, YMCA, American Red Cross, Office of Emergency Management, Cox Health, Gasconade C-4 School, and Laclede County Health Department.  Since our initial meeting, we have received several requests to attend and participate in future meetings, and we look forward to new members.

Members of this group plan to educate and inform the public about on-going activities and new events being planned.  Without your participation, our events aren’t beneficial to our community.  SO WE NEED YOU!  We need your input, we need your participation, and we need your support.  If you have ideas and/or suggestions that would assist us in helping “Laclede County – Living Healthier”, please send us an email (link is provided here on our website) or contact our office.

Keep watching our calendar for upcoming events! 

Are you wanting to burn more calories?

Based on 30 minutes of physical activity.