Laclede County Health

                                                            "Protecting Our Community"

405 Harwood Ave.

Lebanon, Missouri

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​​The Environmental/Sanitation Department staff works to protect food, water, and citizens of our communities by enforcing various state laws and/or local ordinances. Staff in this department conducts food establishment inspections, water testing, sewage system permitting and inspections, and various other general complaint issues. They also work with local animal control officials for rabies management. If an issue is out of our area of responsibility, Don Myers Jr., EPHS Department Director and his staff (Kenyon Massey, EPHS; Betty Capps or Alicia Morgan, Office Support) will make every effort to assist the client in finding an agency that can address their issue. Whether you need a food safety class, a sewage permit or your well water tested, the Environmental/Sanitation staff is here to assist you. 
           Their direct telephone number is: